Becoming a Scientist Online: Possibilities, Pragmatics, and Pitfalls

On September 13, 2014, at the 37th annual ASP meeting in Decatur, GA, the Education and Media/Information Committees held a jointly-sponsored workshop entitled, "Becoming a Scientist Online: Possibilities, Pragmatics, and Pitfalls," in which the necessity and value, as well as some of the concerns, of establishing an online presence was discussed.  This page provides links to the live recording of that workshop, featuring Drs. Amanda Dettmer, Katie Hinde, Cory Ross, and Christopher Schmitt.  Additional resources are also provided.
Title: Live recording of the "Becoming an Online Scientist Workshop": 
Title: Role of Reporters and Twitter on Scientific Impact: 
Title: Online Collaboration: Scientists and the Social Network:
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