Brumback Aotus Conservation Grant


In 2010, ASP established the Brumback Aotus Conservation Grant to support conservation-related research on owl monkeys (Aotus spp.). This grant was made possible by the generosity of Dr. Roger Brumback (1948-2013). Roger was a highly accomplished professor, lately of Pathology and Psychiatry at the Creighton University School of Medicine, Omaha, Nebraska, whose varied scientific contributions included founding the Journal of Child Neurology, and conducting research on Alzheimer’s Disease, cognitive disorders in children, and the genetics of owl monkeys. His research on owl monkey cytogenetics as a first-year medical student in the 1970s led him to write a paper on his findings and subsequently give his scientific materials to Philip Hershkovitz, an expert on platyrrhine taxonomy and winner of ASP’s 1991 Distinguished Primatologist Award. Roger only found out 30 years later, after a visit to the owl monkeys at the San Diego Zoo and a search on Primate Info Net, that Hershkovitz had named a species of Aotus after him: Aotus brumbacki. This then led to his finding the ASP, becoming a member, and taking a personal interest in the conservation of “his” threatened owl monkeys, hence, the Brumback Aotus Conservation Grant. [For more information, see the ASP June 2000 Bulletin.]


Current members of the ASP who plan to conduct conservation-oriented research on any species of owl monkey are eligible.

Application Form

The application form is available for downloading here. For questions concerning the award, please contact Dr. Marilyn Norconk ( or Dr. Herbert Covert (, Co-Chairs of the Conservation Committee. 


Proposals are accepted that request up to $2,000 in support. An itemized budget of expenses and a budget justification should be provided. Allowable expenses include travel, per diem, equipment, salaries of local in-country support. Conference travel, PI salaries, and institutional overhead costs will not be supported.

Submission of Application

Completed applications must be submitted in a single PDF file. For further information, please contact Dr. Marilyn Norconk ( or Dr. Herbert Covert (, Co-Chairs of the Conservation Committee. 


The Conservation Committee will evaluate the applicant’s full application. Criteria to be evaluated include the following:

Reporting to ASP

Candidates who receive the Brumback Aotus Conservation Grant will provide to the Conservation Committee a two-page summary of the outcome of the study at the completion of project and within 18 months of receipt of the award.

Recurring donations here

The ASP Conservation Committee is pleased to announce the recipients of a Brumback Aotus Conservation Grant:

  1. Cecilia Juarez, “Forest composition and use of patches of forest to evaluate demographic parameters in owl monkey groups (Aotus azarai) inhabiting a naturally fragmented habitat in the Argentinean Chaco” $4766
  2. Angela Maldonado, “The Aotus Project: Participatory conservation to address the illegal trade of night monkeys for biomedical research, Colombian-Peruvian border” $1500
  3. Sam Shanee, “Distribution and abundance of the endemic Peruvian night monkey (Aotus miconax)” $3734