ASP Legacy Award Recipients

The ASP Legacy Award Search Committee is pleased to announce the recipients of a Legacy Award:

  • Dr. Julienne Rutherford, University of Illinois, Chicago - 2013

Project: The role of placental morphology and physiology in fetal brain.

Dr. Rutherford is an assistant professor in the Department of Women, Children and Family Health Science and an adjunct professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Illinois, Chicago. Her work with the intraunterine environments of primates made her a perfect fit for this award, which has allowed her to pursue novel directions incorporating advanced techniques and knowledge in neuroscience. With the support of this award she can continue to investigate links between placental function, and brain development. Click here to view Dr. Rutherford's description of her research and plans for this award.

  • Dr. Amanda Dettmer, Laboratory of Comparative Ethology, NICHD, Bethesda, MD - 2015 

Project: From Bowel to Brain: Studying Gut Microbiota Integrity and Chronic HPA Axis Activity in Rhesus Monkeys Across Development.

Dr. Dettmer is a postdoctoral trainee at NICHD whose research focuses on the theme of “risk and resilience." She will use the ASP Legacy Award to learn techniques to assess the quantity and diversity of intestinal microbiota, and use these techniques to study the associations between gut microbiota integrity and HPA axis activity in rhesus monkeys across the first year of life. We will hear from Amanda at the 2018 meeting in San Antonio, TX, about her training experience.