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Destabilization of the Gut Microbiome Marks the End-Stage of Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Infection in Wild Chimpanzees.

Authors: Hannah J. Barbian, Yingying Li, Miguel Ramirez, Zachary Klase, Iddi Lipende, Deus Mjungu, Andrew H. Moeller, Michael L. Wilson, Anne E. Pusey, Elizabeth V. Lonsdorf, Frederic D. Bushman and Beatrice
The intestinal microbiome is an important indicator of mammalian health. Many chronic diseases, including HIV-1 infection of humans, are associated with changes in gut microbial communities, which are ... read more

Diagnostic overview of the illegal trade in primates and law enforcement in Peru.

Authors: Noga Shanee, A. Patricia Mendoza, and Sam Shanee
Peru is one of the richest countries in primate species diversity worldwide. However, very high levels of hunting and illegal trade threaten the future of many of its primates. We investigated the illegal ... read more

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Neufuss, J., Humle, T., Cremaschi, A., Kivell, T.L. Nut-cracking behaviour in wild-born, rehabilitated bonobos ( Pan paniscus ): a comprehensive study of hand-preference, hand grips and efficiency. DOI: 10.1002/ajp.22589


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