Abstract # 6197 Event # 22:

Scheduled for Thursday, June 18, 2015 10:30 AM-11:30 AM: (Cascade AJBCD) Roundtable


J. Capitanio1, A. Bennett2 and J. McNulty3
1University of California, Davis, California National Primate Research Center, Davis, CA 95616, USA, 2University of Wisconsin, Madison, 3University of Texas, Austin
     The American Society of Primatologists, since its inception, has been a home to primatologists who study a wide range of questions in a variety of settings: research facilities, zoological parks, field, and sanctuaries, in order to produce new knowledge. Perhaps not surprisingly, the diversity of members’ background, expertise, knowledge, and goals sometimes produces concerns, tension, and even conflict. In this session, we will focus on issues pertaining to laboratory research. Sometimes lost in the discussion is an understanding of the conceptual background for experimental studies of nonhuman primates in the laboratory (e.g., role of experimental methodology in “strong inference”), the ethical considerations that guide the use of animals in the laboratory (e.g., considerations of harm vs. benefit), and the regulatory environment under which laboratory research operates. It is our goal, with this panel, to raise these issues for discussion using a novel two-part format. The first part (one hour) will involve presentations on the three topics of conceptual background (John Capitanio), ethical issues (Allyson Bennett), and the regulatory environment (Justin McNulty). Following these presentations, there will be an opportunity for all to submit written questions anonymously, either in an on-site box or via the web. The panel members will group questions, and will hold a second hour-long discussion (approximately 24 hours after the first panel) to discuss questions and issues raised by meeting attendees.