ASP 2019 Primate Care Committee Pre-ASP Workshop:
Identifying and Treating Abnormal Behaviors in Nonhuman Primates

When: August 20, 1-5pm and August 21, 8-12:30pm.

Where: Pyle Center, 702 Langdon St., Madison, WI


  • $85 for those registered for the ASP 2019 conference
  • $125 for those not registered for the ASP 2019 conference

This workshop will include 8-hours of instruction, discussion, and presentations focused on identifying and treating abnormal behavior in nonhuman primates.  Participants will gain an understanding of how to identify, evaluate and apply various treatment options for abnormal behaviors. Technical and programmatic elements necessary to facilitate these goals will be covered and include: behavioral ethograms, behavior and physiological assessment techniques, problem solving approach, treatment options (enrichment, primate training, social housing, operational, pharmacological, etc.), and evaluation and follow up on treatments.This workshop is designed for those working with primates in zoos, sanctuaries and research environments such as keepers; behavior management specialists; veterinarians; veterinary technicians; curators and supervisors; research personnel.

Registration: Registration will be open through the ASP website. Please register by July 21, 2019. Attendance will be limited, so please apply soon.

If you have questions about attending the workshop, please contact the Primate Care Committee (

Sponsored by the American Society of Primatologists’ Primate Care Committee