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Welcome to the
American Society
of Primatologists
Our conference in Denver, CO was a happy in-person and virtual hybrid. We eagerly look forward to our next conference in Reno, NV June 20-23, 2023. We want you to attend in person! If that is not possible, we are pleased to announce, the conference will again be hybrid.

American Society of Primatologists

We are an educational & scientific organization that aims to understand, conserve & inform about nonhuman primates.

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Upcoming Events

June 20-23, 2023: 45th Meeting of the American Society of Primatologists, Whitney Peak Hotel, Reno, NV

Check out the meeting page and the Call for Abstracts for more info!

Featured Article by an ASP Member

Each month, ASP will feature an article published in the American Journal of Primatology that was authored by a member of the Society. Willey-Liss has agreed to make the entire article freely available for a period of three months.

Variable Infant Care Contributions in Cooperatively Breeding Groups of Wild Saddleback Tamarins.

Authors: Wendy M. Erb & Leila M. Porter

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