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The American Journal of Primatology publishes original research reports, scholarly reviews, commentaries and manuscripts called New Approaches on all topics relevant to the study of primates, including anatomy, behavior, development, ecology, evolution, genetics, nutrition, physiology, reproduction, systematics, conservation, husbandry, and use in biomedical research. Since 2018, Karen Bales of the Department of Psychology at the University of California, Davis has served as the Executive Editor of the American Journal of Primatology (email address: ). All submissions to the American Journal of Primatology must be submitted through Manuscript Central via the AJP journal homepage ( There you will find a link for “Online Submission”. Using that link, the corresponding author will be instructed to create a user account. Once that account is created, manuscripts are to be submitted through “Author Center”. After the manuscript has been successfully submitted, authors will receive an automated email reply which will be followed up by an email from the AJP executive editor acknowledging receipt of the manuscript. 

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Featured Article by an ASP Member

Each month, ASP will feature an article published in the American Journal of Primatology that was authored by a member of the Society. Willey-Liss has agreed to make the entire article freely available for a period of three months.

Variable Infant Care Contributions in Cooperatively Breeding Groups of Wild Saddleback Tamarins.

Authors: Wendy M. Erb & Leila M. Porter

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