The Welfare of Primates

Members of the American Society of Primatologists are concerned about the welfare of all primates, whether the primates live in captivity (in zoos, sanctuaries, laboratories, etc.) or in the wild. Scientists, veterinarians and others who care for captive primates have learned a great deal about important influences on the welfare of primates, and have identified many different techniques to promote their welfare. ASP's annual conference serves as a place for some of that scientific work to be shared with colleagues, and the American Journal of Primatology, the official journal of ASP, publishes some of those scientific articles.

Major areas of research related to primate welfare have concentrated on defining welfare, on evaluating environmental enrichment methods, on facilitating social housing in compatible groups, and on animal training techniques. We encourage anyone interested in the welfare of primates to read scientific articles on the topic.

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Bornean orangutan courtesy of Randall Kyes

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