As a society, we support and encourage the best quality primate research across settings including studies of wild primates and those living in captivity. We promote the use and development of primate facilities and models, we develop mechanisms for the support and recognition of outstanding research in primatology, and we liaise with other scientific societies concerned with the use of primates in research. We share our research at annual meetings, via educational activities , and through scientific publications, such as our journal, the American Journal of Primatology.

Grants are available for research projects conducted by ASP members. Preference is given to research projects with clear testable hypotheses that will add to the general knowledge in primatology. We also recognize exceptional research by students via our Student Prize Awards.

How to apply for a research grant or student award

Special Topics in Primatology

These are the first four volumes in a book series published by the ASP and all profits go into our conservation fund and the ASP Education Committee’s Minority Initiative.

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La Primatologia en Latinoamerica 2