Saving Primates Where They Live

A Critical Initiative by the American Society of Primatologists Conservation Committee

Photo credit: Kathy West

We are members of the Conservation Committee of the American Society of Primatologists (ASP) — the largest professional society of primatologists in North America. Our research and conservation efforts are focused on primates: the closest living species to humans and among the world’s most charismatic animals. Today they are among the most endangered animals, with more than 65% of species threatened with extinction. Many factors drive this tragic decline, including deforestation, mining, road- and dam-building, commercial agriculture, and hunting. 

Although the problems facing primates in their natural habitats are diverse and complex, we recognize that solutions are most likely to be found with people who share their habitats. ASP has supported researchers from or working in countries where primates live, including Madagascar, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico and Uganda and invested more than $200,000 to support 187 projects on some 86 primate species. 

Some of our successes:

Our experience shows that local scientists and conservationists have the best lens to view what is needed to protect the primates in their countries. Our current initiative is designed to protect primates where they live by providing financial assistance to local primatologists.

Would you be willing to help support future grant recipients? 

Three reasons to support us now – 

  1. The conservation organization, Re:wild, will match your donation dollar for dollar to $25,000. From Russ Mittermeier, Chief Conservation Officer, of Re:wild, “We are pleased to be partnering with ASP on this important initiative to raise more funds for critical small grant support to emerging young primatologists.” 
  2. No overhead costs. All donations go directly to support habitat-country scientists through a simple application and peer-review process.
  3. Saving Primates Where They Live is designed to boost primate conservation efforts where they are most effective!
Photo credit: Kathy West

We hope that you share our concern for these amazing animals and help us support their protection and survival. The following donors agreed to adding their names to the donor roles (as of 18 October 2021). We are grateful to them and the anonymous donors who provided support for the campaign. 

Primate Protectors (up to $100)

Primate Guardians ($100-$500)

Conservation Champions ($500+)