2022-Q3 Primate Welfare Hot Topics

This quarter’s Hot Topic in Primate Welfare features the top 10 things to know about captive marmoset behavioral management, summarized by Dr. Corinna (Cory) Ross. Dr. Ross is an Associate Professor and the Associate Director of Research at the Southwest National Primate Research Center at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute. Dr. Ross began working with marmosets during her master’s degree at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and continued her research with marmosets (and other neotropical primates) through her PhD and beyond. Currently, her work focuses on the development of marmosets as a translational model of aging, reproduction, obesity, and health span.

Given the increasing interest in and research with marmosets, we hope this serves as an introductory resource for those interested in captive marmosets and marmoset behavioral management.

Top 10 things to know about captive marmoset behavioral management (plus resources)