Distinguished Service Award

Deadline: March 31 of the year in which the nominee is to be considered for an award.

This award is not presented on any regular basis but is given sporadically to deserving individuals who have contributed long-term service to the Society. Awardees are given a plaque.

Nomination Process

Nominations should include at least one letter of support in addition to the nomination letter describing the nominee’s contributions.

Please send nominations to:

Justin A McNulty, MLAS, CPIA, RLATG
Chair, Awards & Recognition Committee
American Society of Primatologists
PO Box 3010
Edwards, CO  81632-3010
email: justinmcnulty@gmail.com

This award is administered by the Awards & Recognition Committee. Chair: Justin McNulty.

  • Dr. John Capitanio, University of California, Davis, CA, for 34 years of dedicated service on committees and the Board of Directors of the American Society of Primatologists — 2022.
  • Dr. Steven Schapiro, University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Bastrop, TX, for extensive and substantial contributions to the American Society of Primatologists — 2012.
  • Dr. Joseph M. Erwin, Foundation for Comparative and Conservation Biology, for significant contributions to the American Society of Primatologists — 2008.
  • Edgar Davila, Chief census taker at Cayo Santiago and Noel Rowe, author of The Pictorial Guide to the Living Primates and founder of Primate Conservation, Inc. — 2007.
  • Jackie Pritchard, Director, Primate Information Center, Washington National Primate Research Center — 2003.
  • Larry Jacobsen, Librarian, Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center, Madison, for significant contribution to the field of primatology and his pioneering efforts to disseminate information worldwide. — 1997.
  • Judith Schrier, Brown University, for longstanding committment to the publication of Laboratory Primate Newsletter — 1996.
  • Dr. Richard Harrison, Tulane Regional Primate Research Center, Covington, for service as the Historian of the American Society of Primatologists — 1994.
  • Dr. Leo A. Whitehair, Director, Comparative Medicine Program, National Center for Research Resources, NIH, Washington, for outstanding support of primate research during a lengthy career at the Animal Resources Branch/Comparative Medicine Program — 1994.