Kyes Award for Excellence in Outreach

Deadline: March 31 of the year in which the nominee is to be considered for an award.

Established in 2017, The Kyes Award for Excellence in Outreach is awarded to a deserving ASP member to recognize a long history of excellence in primatology outreach. This outreach is to have been conducted using best practices, creativity, and cultural sensitivity while demonstrating meaningful impact, and may have been performed by an individual or as part of a program through a college, university, primate center, zoo, conservation organization, or other entity. The outreach may have been conducted in the U.S. or in any other country. The Education Committee eponymously gave the inaugural award in 2017 at the 40th ASP conference to Dr. Randall C. Kyes for his outreach programs in eight habitat countries and across the U.S., over a period exceeding 25 years. Dr. Kyes’ programs have been so successful that participants attending as children have returned as instructors after attending university and have become outreach ambassadors themselves. 

Nominations for the ASP Kyes Award will be evaluated by the Education Committee with final approval of the ASP Board of Directors. This award provides recognition of the winner’s legacy of excellent outreach, a monetary award of $250, and a plaque. 


Full members of ASP are eligible, including those from range countries who may have complimentary ASP memberships.

Nomination Process

Nominations should send the following information via email to the Chairs of the ASP Education Committee ( by the deadline:

  1. The name, title and full mailing address of the nominee, along with a 500 word statement about the nominee’s qualifications for the award, focusing on a legacy of demonstrable excellence in outreach.
  2. The nominee’s curriculum vita. 
  3. One letter from the host organization, participants, habitat country officials or others impacted by the work of the nominee. This letter can be submitted in any language. 

This award is administered by the Education Committee. Chairs: Brett Frye & Gabriela de Faria Oliveira.

  • Rahayu (“Ayu”) Oktaviani — 2023
  • Dr. Anne Savage — 2022
  • Kathy West — 2019
  • Dr. Randy Kyes – 2017