Senior Research Award

Deadline: March 31 of the year in which the nominee is to be considered for an award.

This award was originally the Senior Biology and Conservation Award that was given by the Conservation Committee. It became an A&R award at the 1999 meeting and was renamed the Senior Research Award in 2001. This award honors individuals who, because of their dedication to their profession and their productivity, have made significant contributions to research activities supporting or enhancing knowledge relevant to primatology. Such contributions could take place in laboratories, the field, or in zoological gardens. The award is reserved for those who have not received the highest degree offered in their field (e.g., Ph.D., M.D., D.V.M.) but are deserving of the Society’s recognition for their achievements. The recipient receives a plaque and a $500 honorarium.

Nomination Process

Nominations must include a nominating letter and two supporting letters indicating the contributions of the individual, along with a narrative describing the impact on the field. Nominees need not be members of the ASP to be considered.

Please send nominations to:

Justin A McNulty, MLAS, CPIA, RLATG
Chair, Awards & Recognition Committee
American Society of Primatologists
PO Box 3010
Edwards, CO  81632-3010

This award is administered by the Awards & Recognition Committee. Chair: Justin McNulty.

  • Susan Lambeth Pavonetti — 2015
  • John Kelley — 2012
  • Nenny Babo — 2009
  • Nancy Czekala-Gruber and Jeremy Mallinson — 1997
  • Alexander Pearl — 1996
  • Dehua Vang — 1995
  • Hilali Matame — 1994
  • Robin Kingston — 1993
  • Gerry Ruppenthal — 1991
  • Chuck Darsono — 1990